Sidewalk Sweepers

When it comes to sidewalk sweepers, smaller is often better. Compact sidewalk sweepers are able to go about their business, cleaning city walkways with minimum disturbance to nearby pedestrians. Compact machines bring a lot to the table in terms of safety for the public at large.

Compact sidewalk sweepers also offer a great deal in terms of convenience. They are able to access nooks and crannies that larger machines simply can't reach. Here at Allianz Madvac, Inc., we offer compact sidewalk sweepers in a host of useful configurations.

Sidewalk Sweepers That Are High on Quality

The smallest sidewalk sweeper in our lineup is the Madvac PS300. This machine features an open-cab design and useful features, such as a two-stage dust-filtering system. The Madvac PS300 uses dual, operator-controlled brushes, measuring 19 inches in diameter, to lift dirt and debris from sidewalk surfaces. Another choice is the Madvac CN100. This sweeper features a closed-cab design, protecting the operator from the elements. Each of its brushes is 25 inches in diameter, and it offers a variable 44- to 88-inch sweeping path, allowing it to clean everything from city sidewalks to bike paths. It also features a three-stage dust-filtering system and a container offering 1.15 cubic yards of capacity.

Great reputations have to be earned, and ours pretty much speaks for itself. As a result, our machines are popular all around the globe; you'll find our sweepers on the sidewalks of over 125 nations, in places ranging from Russia to Mexico. Choose the high-quality solution for sidewalk sweeping by investing in an Allianz product today.