Leaf Vacuum

Allianz Madvac, Inc. offers leaf vacuum machines that are brimming with useful features. Available are leaf vacuum sweepers that offer top-mounted, catch-basin hoses, a feature also offered by some of the leading sewer cleaners. By mounting the catch-basin hose in this location, a greater working radius is permitted; the operator is also afforded some protection from oncoming traffic. Relative to rear-mounted systems, this top-mounted setup also allows for greater hopper loading.

Another useful feature offered by the Allianz leaf vacuum sweeper is its quick-change brush-replacement system. Both the gutter brooms and main broom utilize this system, and it lends itself to simpler maintenance and improved productivity. Allianz leaf vacuum sweepers also offer a water tank with a position that allows for superb access to various vehicle components. It should also be pointed out that this tank is available with a wide-ranging warranty that covers everything from corrosion to cracking.

Unbeatable Leaf Vacuum Sweepers

As perfectly equipped as these machines are, it's little wonder that Allianz has been hailed as the premier manufacturer of outdoor sweeping and cleaning equipment. We separate ourselves from the competition, not just with the quality of our machines, but also with the broad range of our selection. We offer a leaf vacuum sweeper for every conceivable environment.

Our sweepers have been used all around the world to keep cities free of leaves and other debris. If you're ready to beautify your environment, choose a machine made by a manufacturer with global recognition. Allianz is your key to leaf vacuum sweepers that get the job done right.