Johnston Sweepers

Johnston sweepers, made by Allianz Madvac, Inc., are tough enough to triumph in even the most brutal circumstances. As a result, they're longstanding favorites of those seeking sweepers for use in contractor applications. Time and again, Johnston sweepers have proved they have what it takes to handle the most demanding tasks, such as road resurfacing and dirt pickup around access sites and construction roads.

These sweepers are built to be as rugged as they come. All major components are constructed for maximum durability. Corrosion-resistant primer is used, along with a two-part epoxy-paint finish. Each Johnston sweeper also features sweepgear that is zinc phosphated and powder coated, making it impervious to all manner of weather challenges.

The Full Story on Johnston Sweepers

These machines also offer amazing comfort and convenience. Each Johnston sweeper comes with a swivel control panel that aids the operator by placing all controls within easy reach. These machines also offer one-of-a-kind "ergo" switches that facilitate the control of all sweeping functions via the click of a single button. You'll also find an automatic body prop that enhances safety. This feature is designed to protect the operator from injury when the sweeper's debris hopper is raised.

Johnston sweepers are just the beginning when it comes to the range of street cleaning machines offered by us here at Allianz. Whether you're cleaning the widest highway or the narrowest alley, we have a machine that meets your needs. Acquaint yourself with our outstanding range and impeccable product quality.