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About Allianz Madvac

Allianz Madvac Inc. is one of the world's leading manufacturers of outdoor street sweeping and cleaning equipment. We are unique among sweeper manufacturers in that our comprehensive range of machines means we are able to offer a complete line of street sweeper trucks and/or outdoor vacuum litter collectors for every cleaning application.

Allianz Madvac PlantAllianz street sweepers can be found operating in over 125 countries, helping cities stay clean and beautiful. Our road sweepers meet the toughest challenges with durability, consistent quality and extraordinary value. The Allianz Johnston vacuum sweeper can perform numerous tasks ranging from parking lot cleaning to road sweeping. Our mechanical power sweepers can do more heavy-duty leaf pickup than any other leaf sweeper in its category. All our street cleaners keep the environment as clean as the city they sweep.

Allianz Madvac Sweeper cleans everything from city streets and sidewalks, to parks and recreational facilities, to airport terminals and runways, to landfills and transfer stations to shopping malls, walkways, litter bins and parking lots. Litter pickup has never been so easy!

With Madvac's complete line of vacuum litter pickers, commercial parking lot sweepers, lawn sweepers and leaf vacuum sweepers, we have a solution for all your street cleaning needs.

With our extensive line of outdoor sweepers, industrial vacuum trucks, push sweepers and litter vacuums, our sweeping equipment offers total efficiency, top performance, absolute cleanliness and superior safety. It's always a clean sweep with Allianz Madvac.

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